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  1. If I may ask. I earn 100.00 a day.
    Then I put 1.00 tithe and what will be my offering.?
    Another 1.00 or 90cents

    • Nylinda, thank you for your question. Out of 100.00, 10.00 would be the tithe. As far as offering goes, 2 Corinthians 9:7 says, as you decide in your heart. Local conferences and churches are good at offering suggestions based on local needs.

    • Good question:
      Personally i decided on a working % which guides my Tithing and Offering.
      I work with 14% of my salary, Income:-of which 10% is TITHE and 4% is OFFERINGS.

    • Great post William!

      It is suggested by our conference to make offerings a percentage of your income. So it could be whatever percentage you can give, or perhaps 3% or 4% or more. When I first joined the church, I gave a tithe and then 10% offering as well. I was a working, single mom with little income, yet I always tithed and set aside offerings first before doing anything with the money I could spend. I haven't continued that practice of 10% offerings, but I have continued to uniformly give an offering.

      So for the offering envelope, I give a percentage for an offering, and I also give to missions and other causes. When the basket is passed, I try to always have something to give.

    • A good question. I do believe that decision must come from the heart, to me. Don't let me persaude you though. Gross pay, a portion that is never put in your hands. Net pay is what is put in your hand. 10% of it is Gods. Ok now the Bible says 10% of the 1st fruits, that is why Doug Batchler says gross pay. It depenends on what your heart interprets as 1st fruits. All in my humble opinion. Just remember you can never out give the Lord. Maybe William also has something to say about this too.

        • John I overall agree with you, but remember we can't claim to be tax payers if we never had that money in the first place. Also I can't say my tax dollars built this street if I claim it never was my tax dollars.

          As far as income taxes go, if you tithe on the gross then you have already tithed on your return. If not, then you need to tithe on your return.

          I believe its a personal decision though I tithe on my gross. Remember you can't out give God.

          • Not sure I understand you, William. Do you mean to say that if taxes are deducted from your pay check, you are not a tax payer? (It seems to me that the government recognizes that you paid your taxes, even though they were deducted from the pay check. But it is up to you to decide whether these taxes actually pay for a benefit you receive and thus represent part of your income. )

    • That depends first of all on whether you are a business owner or a wage or salary earner.

      A business owner's cost of goods and expenses may be as much as 80% of "gross income." If the business owner returned 10% of gross income and 10% offerings, there would be 0% for him/her to live on, and that doesn't make much sense, does it? For the business owner, net income is the profit or "increase." That said, the government allows for deductions that may actually represent some benefit to the business owner, and how to deal with that is for the owner to decide.

      For people who earn wages or salaries, there are a number of personal decisions to make. Certain deductions may actually represent a benefit. So are we going to tithe the medical insurance benefit when it is deducted from our income or when the insurance company pays our bill for us? Taxes may also represent benefits that increase our standard of living over what others in the world experience. Will we express gratitude to God for these benefits or not?

      The way we figure what is actually "income" or "increase" is left for each person to decide. I am just suggesting something to think about. In our family we have found that being grateful and generous with God has never made us poorer. 🙂

      • Inge my point is that if you are a taxpayer you actually made that money. Since you actually made the money you should tithe on it. I'm not saying that everybody sees it the way that I see it. But my point is if you say you paid taxes then you are saying that you pay taxes with money you made. If you made the money you need to tithe on it.

        • I agree William. The Bible says to "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s." (Mark 12:17; Matthew 22:21). The way I see it, God should come first so I tithe on gross. Net pay is after we have already paid Caesar (i.e., taxes and such) and paying tithe on net pay feels like I would be rendering to God after I rendered to Caesar.

          As far as business owners, gross proceeds are not considered "income" so paying tithe on gross proceeds wouldn't make sense in my view. Income is what remains after all business expenses have been paid.

  2. Thank you, William, This has helped me a lot. I needed some clarity between tithes and offerings. May the Lord help me to be a faithful steward and give with a cheerful heart.

      • Hi William, I am on a government pension and I do unpaid volunteer work. Would I give 10 percent of my pension as tithe even though I’m not paying tax as I’ve stopped working for a wage. I’ve always given 10 percent of my pension, but some of my friends who are sda’s say I don’t need to pay tithe on a pension. Please enlighten me.

        • Enid, since it is more blessed to give than to receive, I would say keep giving and getting blessed. Richard Wurmbrand writes in his book, "Tortured for Christ," that while in prison for their faith, the brothers gave their food to a,weaker brother every 10th day as their way to tithe. Did God need them to tithe their bread in prison? No, but they needed a way to express their love! Enid if you are blessed by expressing your love by tithing, why stop? Remember, systematic tithing helps us systematically overcome selfishness with our possessions, just like systematic Sabbath keeping helps us overcome selfishness with our time.

          We can never out give God. Your decision of course, but those are my thoughts. 😊

          • Thank you William for your words of wisdom. I have always continued to give generously in what ever way the lord permits. God has blessed me and my family through all our ups and downs and He has now taken us to the mountain peak to see His glory, majesty and power.

        • I think your pension are Savings from your salary/wages when you were working which were being deducted, which you must had been tithing.
          In that instant you do not have to Tithe. Tithe is 10% of Increase/salary/income.
          Unless you didn't Tithe the same when you were working then you can do Restitution. (making things right)Read LEV 6:1-6,24:17-21,EXOD 22:5-6

  3. My husband and I tithe on our gross income. If we receive a tax refund, we give an offering to our church, not a tithe, since we have already tithed that money throughout the year. The local church usually has needs that can be met with extra offerings. I realize that we don't have to give an offering on this money, but we choose to anyway.

  4. Well it seems by the amount of responses that this is a huge field. I too have asked the difference between tithes (of which I was used to in another church denomination I used to attend- and that was all that was asked to give) and offerings in my Adventist church. When I joined the local Adventist church here and over the years with different Pastors and treasurers, I have never received a local satisfactory answer regarding 'offerings'. The folk seems too embarrassed to answer or they did not know - which I doubt. I was given pamphlets many times on 'tithing'- but nothing about 'offerings'. At another Adventist church I attended on the mainland, they took up two collections through the service, then I started 'catching on' to the differences between tithes and offerings - the latter was what they called 'church maintenance'. Thank you for your post, one can see it is an important issue. Godbless today, Mrs A Stolz

  5. Thank you for this post. Is there a way to get your permission to share it as a bulletin insert with my church congregation?

  6. John, as you can read in the comments above, people have reasons for differing opinions, but the choice is between you and God. You can never out give God.

    Thanks everyone, for your interesting comments. Hope everyone had a wonderful Sabbath!

  7. Some pastors in my area insist that for one to be elected local church leader, he or she must return offerings that are equivalent to Tithes. Are such pastors right?

    • Christopher, from what I've learnt you may give a free will offering that you can afford. It may surpass the amount of the tithe or be less. But in all things it must come from the heart. God loves a cheerful giver 2 Corinthians 9:7

  8. Iam having trouble is that am I going to pay tithe from my Gross pay or the net pay,Please can someone clear this doubt for me.

    • Hi Ruth. You will hear arguments both ways. I assume that you are referring to tithe for wage-earners here. Some regard tax, which is the main component of your wages that you do not receive in the hand as ultimately benefiting you because it is spent on community infrastructure etc, and therefore part of your increase. They pay tithe on their gross income. Others do not see it that way and consequently pay on the net income only.

      Ultimately it has to be a decision between you and God. Significantly, whatever you decide should be given with gladness.

  9. At first I was tithing from my net income , but after I heard Doug Batchelor’s sermon regarding tithing , difference between tithing from gross and net, my heart followed from gross , I know this is one way of showing how we love Jesus and pleasing Him , He owened everything in us , and He is just asking 10th of our income and the 90 % for us , which also reflect of our time in which He gave us six days for us to enjoy and the 7th day for Him and also for us to rest . These act of praise and generosity should be in our hearts and minds, God loves a cheerful giver and unfolding His Words , He honors most those who obey Him .
    We will have trials and troubles in life , but believing His love for us is eternal and we are His followers , we find peace and comfort knowing Jesus is there to guide us and lead us through His Holy Spirit . God bless us all as we continue to be faithful , because the God we serve is alive and interceding for us in the Father .

  10. The cattle on a thousand hills belong to God.

    But he will not just give us the cattle because we are his children. He gave us strength to work for it then we return to help support the spreading of the gospel.
    Returning tithes and Offering doesn’t secure our eternity but because we love God and man we do our part to lift the burden from others.

    1. Should those who receive help from the government return tithe? Remember, some are paid the exact amount for the bill.
    2. Should those who retired and receiving Soc security/Pension/National Security, etc, etc return Title or only offering.
    2. In certain countries/places you are not paid unless you literally work. As a result, some employers withheld Paid Time Off(PTO) for their employees. (Sometimes some employees do not have PTO.), therefore doesn’t have anything to live by. But those employers who withheld those hrs, the employees already returned tithes on those hrs in advance. At the end of the week/ month, the worker is paid from the PTO. Should anyone insist those members return tithes from the PTO?

  11. Should we be tithing on money received as gifts? Like if someone gave me cash for my birthday? Or if someone gave me a gift card?

    • God has asked us to return a tenth of our "increase" to Him as an acknowledgment of our dependence on Him. And He has promised to bless us if we accept Him as Lord.

      So the question is, "Do cash and gifts increase your belongings?"


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