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Its Been Six Years Since Mom Died and I’m Okay — 7 Comments

  1. Amen .Many have said that I am when I have expressed similar feelings and reactions to my parents’ deaths. I was beginning to think I must be strange but your comments have encouraged me. Many times when difficulties arise I think of asking mother or daddy for advice but turn to God . Often that was their advice . My great concern today is to live for God so that in resurrection morning I will join my parents in welcoming our CreatorRedeemer.

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing the phrase "my mother enjoyed her life before I was born". Moving forward to what God has destined for our lives is what a mother wants for her children, eternal life is the endgame.

  3. I think the context of a death makes a big difference and we have to be very careful at applying one context to everyone else. It is quite different to lose a parent much earlier in life and the feelings can be quite different in a lot of ways.

    My mother passed away when I was 7 and it was a huge loss that shaped me profoundly. Nearly 36 years have passed, but I still have moments when I wish she was around to talk to. To tell me about her life and what being a woman was like for her. I only knew her as a child, so there's so much more I wish I could have learned from her. I don't think that is particularly abnormal or wrong. I do think of her on her birthday. Last year she would have been 70. I found myself pondering what she would have been like had she lived and what our relationship would be like. I don't dwell on these things constantly, but thinking about her is a reality.

    Yes, we can talk to Jesus about everything, but that doesn't mean that a longing for human companionship is wrong. In the garden, Jesus longed for the support of his disciples. Job longed for the support of his friends when he was going through trials. If companionship with God was "enough", God would never have created Eve. I'm not saying that we can't turn to God and He is there even when human relationships are far from what they can be. But the longing for things that aren't there reflects a desire for the creation that God always intended. One day we will be in perfect fellowship with both God and all creation and it's normal to long for that.

  4. Hello, I am new here, and thank God for his wonderful word of encouragement to His people, I lost my mother also a couple of years ago, and I did not mourn my mother's death as many does, because while she was alive I did everything as her son to give her a good and lasting life, I placed a great deal of effort in helping my mother in all that I could.
    It is sad to hear how SDA still have problem believing that their loved ones are in heaven. I think the best illustration found in the bible is found in the story of Lazarus and Jesus
    John 11:1-14, read the whole chapter and you will not find anywhere where the word heaven was ever mentioned by Jesus, Martha, Mary, but Mary believed that there will be a resurrection day.
    this is a very interesting passage of scripture, the devil wants people to believe in spiritualism, let us hold fast until Jesus comes...

  5. Before I was an Adventist Christian I was very sad because I didn't know the truth about death. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 opened my eyes along with other scriptures and gave me hope! It's one of my favorite scriptures that comforts me and that Jesus is the voice we will hear when He wakes us up from sleep! Praise the Lord for the hope He gives us in truth and love!!!


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