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  1. Thanks William and All. My 75-year old father, the only family member then who accepted my becoming an Adventist, passed away just six days after my baptism. What a special blessing indeed for me to be alone with him at hospital and to observe his final moments as he was "fading in and out of consciousness". My mother, aged 92, passed away 18 years later, when I was abroad. Although I did what I could to share and reflect God's character with them, my parents remained non-Adventists. My mother eventually accepted my choice. I can only prayerfully hope, and God alone knows, that we will meet again. I still miss my parents and to all who still have their parents, please do love them even when you believe they are wrong.

  2. Thanks William for sharing this deep thoughts with us. Sorry for the loss of your dear mother. I pray God comforts you and your family.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. My brother-in-law just passed away on Father's Day, and I found this post comforting. It's oh so hard to submit to God's will when it's so painful. But our God is sovereign and doeth all things well. I choose to trust Him.

  4. William, your story touched me deeply, as well as all of the prayers and loving wishes from all of the Hope Sabbath school listeners. Everyday, I grieve as I read the news about people suffering from cancer, and they seem to have no hope. I too had cancer, and someone gave me a copy of The China Study- a 25 year research on the benefits of a plant based diet- like God gave us in Genesis 1:29. I immediately adopted a plant based diet, and although I did have some emergency treatment( a successful clinical trial)Praise God for the success of that, and even though the cancer went to my brain, I have now been cancer free since 2010. I am now 92 years old. My scans are clean. Getting people to read books about a plant based diet has become my ministry, and I hope that this message to you will help someone else in this regard. Praise our God for the knowledge and wisdom He provided in His word, we just need to listen to Him and realize that He knows what is the best thing for this body that He created! Bless you as you continue to serve Him --I do not mind if my e-mail is given out as I am more than happy to correspond with anyone interested in this health message that our loving Heavenly Father gave us.

  5. I have been inspired by all the comments, and the article of course. I am the mother in a nursing home, dying from ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. I have 2 wonderful daughters who rescued me from an abusive husband and moved me closer to them. It's been interesting to see how one daughter has worked through things so that she is such a help to me. My other thinks if I would just try harder... She's not accepting my death sentence. And I have a son who wants nothing to do with me. My heart aches for him as well as both girls. I can relate to you and would encourage anyone in our situation to hold on tight to Jesus. Each day is just one day closer to being with HIM forever!!

  6. I know how you went through. I have also lossed my mom April 30th this year, now and then I would call my sister and cry like a baby or even more than than that. I asked the Lord if possible we would still have mom but His will be done.
    But we have this hope that we will see them on that glorious day.

  7. Thanks alot William.
    This your message has really encouraged me a lot having lost four members of my Church in 2016 alone. Last Sabbath when we heard the death of one of our Elders (46 years old) who died in a fatal Autocrash that happened on Friday July 1, 2016 you can see everyone present in the church visibly sorrowful. We actually offered some prayers even asking God to stop this death in our midst................... Even Though we have no control over death, but when we lost someone we love so much we are tempted to do the "impossible" by asking God to resurrect the dead person. May God console all who have been bereaved and rekindle the hope of resurrection in our lives

  8. Thank you William for sharing your sad experience of the loss of your Godly mother, it was so beautifully written and really touched my heart, because I to have lost my mother to Alzheimer's she still at times can tell who I am but can't really communicate and she deals with so much pain with her back and can not communicate and is confined to a wheel chair but is taken care of in a good facility that deals with Alzheimer patients and my sister is there to take see her every day but the hard part for me is living so far away and can only see her so often bit that's life in this old world and I have been really touched to hear all the stories on here, of so many suffering and dealing in some way with their loved ones as well and my heart goes out to them, but I know we have a redeemer who if here would do what he did when he walked among men and restore them and so I know how He must long to come and put an end to all suffering and reunite all and yes it can't be long and I believe he is laying many to rest who will not be able to go through the time of trouble, even come so Lord Jesus.

  9. Now I believe the bible.that we should preach in all situations be it good or bad,acceptable or unacceptable. I thank WIlliam for picking courage to share his story which has touched me and my friends who are going through trying times. I have also lost my grandma who I took as my mom since I grew at her home. I didn't have chance to say my last but love you grandma words, I traveled to see her in hospital and on my way, mum called me that my grandma is dead. It has upto today been difficult to imagine my dearest is gone. But on the funeral I called Jesus to fill me with hope of seeing my grandma once again this time not to sleep again but to live with Jesus for ever. Be strong WILLIAM


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