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Paying Our Debts While Forgiving Our Debtors — 3 Comments

  1. It is interesting who, and why some have a guilt complex. If that is the case we should go to God in prayer for help of all our needs and wants.

  2. Hello William,

    The story of your belated thankyou note brought an incident in my life to mind.

    Although my uncle was a doctor, his life was not easy. But he had a big heart. When I was young and very ill, he made a special trip from a very long distance to see me. After examining me, he reassured my mother and me, and gave her some simple inexpensive treatments (we were dirt poor), which helped my recovery.

    Years later, as a young man, I thought back on that kindness and many others and wrote him a letter of thanks, noting his influence on my life. I never received a response. Several years after his death, my cousin sent me a note, writing that she had finally decided she was strong enough to go through his personal correspondence, and had come across my letter. It had obviously been read more than once.

    Of the many persons that my uncle had helped during his life, mine was the only thankyou she had found in his correspondence. It meant much to her that the kindnesses of her father had been recognized and had made a strong impression on my life.

    We do not recognize the all of struggles a person may go through in their life because these may not be evident. Kind words of appreciation can bring hope to a person, and solace to those who love them.



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