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Three Angels With a Message Worth Sharing — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you William for the well written and easy to understand description of the 3 angel's messages. I sometimes think that many Adventists know the importance of sharing the 3 Angel's messages but have no clear understanding of what exactly they are.

    In the future, I hope you will consider discussing "faith(faithfulness) of Jesus" (Revelation 14:12 KJV) given that even many Adventist preachers incorrectly interpret this as "faith in Jesus."

  2. Thank you, William, for presenting this message in its true light, the light of the cross. God has not set up an arbitrary final test for everyone in the world. Rather, He has given His Sabbath to those who love Him, so we can use it to show the whole world that we love and trust Him, and are loyal to Him. Those who fail the final test will be found to have been enemies of God all along, in heart and in life.

    I also appreciate what you said about the vindication of God's character. He has been grossly misrepresented, even by His own professed people. The eternal security of the universe will depend on the revelation of what kind of character and personality God really is. However, that will come in later phases of the judgment. The pre-advent judgment that began in 1844 is not about God being judged. It is about God openly and fairly separating the believers from the hypocrites, so that He can then rescue the former from the latter, once and for all. Judgment is given in favour of the saints.


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