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  1. Thank you William, you just nailed it as well. There is no need for me to be so special above others just because i hold a big post in church. Am so humbled.
    God bless you and happy Sabbath

      • Sawuel, You and Bryan have sent a" happy Sabbath" greeting. It may have been coincidental, but I have been going over texts and comments about what it means to have a "happy Sabbath" and the meaning for sundown Friday Sabbath observance. There are number of Biblical texts to apply to the meaning. I won't list them all, 20 or more. The first is Genesis2:3- God rested and Hallowed it on the Sabbath. Of course Exodus 20:8-11; Isaiah 58:13,14 and more. I have studied the Sabbath many years and have many "pat" answers. Refreshers are useful due to rapid changes that we encounter with technological issues. To keep a period of time Holy, seems to be important. Not all the commentary at ones disposal is accurate. Some would explain how Exodus 20:8-11 is an old testament scripture that is not applicable. Any other thoughts on this list with regard
        to how to, Sabbath observance, is appreciated.

  2. Wonderfully written. The Gospel indeed sends us into the world. May I feel compelled to go is my prayer.

  3. I must admit, I have never used the word narcissism in any particular references, and have no idea without looking it up, as to the definition. It means being selfish, concerned with ones own personal issues. That may not be accurate, however in relating experiences of others I may have missed the purpose of the details. If I ever have need or opportunity to use the word narcissism I will try to keep it in mind.

    • William can correct me if I'm wrong in what he was intending by the use of the term, but Narcissism also describes someone who thinks they are better than someone else and therefore is inflated with their own sense of importance/perceived 'rightness' and correspondingly looks down upon others (or others who do not share the same beliefs/opinions) in a condescending manner. You will find this description more under a definition of the traits of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder as opposed to a straight out dictionary definition of the word narcissism.

      Given your interest in word origins too, you might be interested to know that the word is derived from Greek mythology where Narcissus was a very handsome young hunter who fell so deeply in love with his own reflection (when he saw it in a pond of water one day) that he could not pull himself away from admiring it and consequently died of starvation!

  4. Just a further thought about Happy Sabbath. This is not be judgmental or critical, but the greeting "Happy Sabbath" I believe originated in the late 1990's if memory serves. And a well noted Pastor was gifted with different expressions of this type. The comment " Happy Sabbath" is heard many times from the churches all over different continents. Another expression was "Forever Friend"
    Kind of interesting why and where this expression began.

    • Happy Sabbath is a term we've used since I was child ('60-70s) and I am quite sure was used prior to that.

  5. Narcissism sets us apart. The Gospel sends us into the world! amen and amen

    For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith” Rom. 12:3

  6. Hi William, a friedly suugestion ... expand this post, work more on the points you made and then submit it to R&H or Ministry as I don't know how many people will read it if the post sits only in this forum. You're pressing the right buttons and you are onto something very important .... especially because today the majority of people in even relatively developed countries have access to YouTube ... that access gives hem opportunity to watch videos on various conspiracy theories and 'priviledged knowledge'. It is simply impossible to tackle each and every awkward idea people accept but what your post does effectively is to tackle the attitude (of 'being special' or 'privileged'). If people recognize such attitude as a problem they might .... sigh, just might, be willing to question all these 'in depth' studies and 'new light' ideas... I think that would be more efficient approach

  7. I couldn't agree with you more. Our love for Jesus will make us more like Him. We will stand out as lights of His love in a positive attractive way, that will draw attention and bring others to Him, and not ourselves unlike the goal of narcissism.


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