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  1. Thank you Pastor William for that well written and informative message. God sure has blessed you with good communication skills and I am blessed by them, so praise God! Other than that, sounds like we are a lot alike and have things in common and so I can relate to a lot of what you said. So when u said, you have had your light times of depression as well, and so have I, but praise God, He can deliver us from them and by allowing us to go through these times, I believe God can and does bring us out, helping us to not only learn a lesson of our need of Him, who is our light in the darkness, but it helps us to relate and understand those who suffer with the chronic bouts of it, and God bless those who are here to help them.
    And yes, King David was one who suffered big time with this problem. I once had a musician tell me, that you will find the most of them are melancholy and suffer with this problem of when preforming it’s a great high but it’s usually followed by a great low. So it’s no wonder that David when talking about enemies, a lot of the time he was referring to his problem of depression of which made him realize his dependence upon God all the more and caused him to cry out and write some beautiful and helpful Psalms.
    And thank God for your ministry as well.


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