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Every Word of God Proves True — 2 Comments

  1. I agree God's word is true so long as we read it all together. Yes Dan 2 says the nations wont cleave together, except in Revelation 17:11 we see the 10 kings joining together with the beast for one hour, and in Revelation 13 we see the image has power over the whole world, so there will be a short time at the end that the whole world will combine against God's people, for the battle of Armageddon.
    I mention this because we must be carful about making statements that don't take into consideration all the details. Yes in the vision of the image it is an overview and it is true, but future revelations expand on it and provide more details.

    • I agree that we always need to look at everything. However, I don't see that these particular details contradict the bigger picture at all. Those ten kings who unite their power with the beast for one hour are still ten kings, not one world government or kingdom.


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