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  1. In any how we have called for to save our Lord GOD ,our Redeemer and saviour..
    In doing God's purpose we will path a lot of terrible things,but be focused,till you finish the race/battle.

    And he is with us always to the infinity

  2. Thanx for the reminder and the reassurance of God's plan and purpose for each of our lives. My prayer is that I learn how to fully surrender so His plans and purpose can be realized and fulfilled in me.. Much Love.

  3. Faith in self takes away omnipotence...but faith in God makes you able do or pass through all pain,frustration and difficulties through Jesus who strengthens you

  4. Just Yesterday at church,,I told one of the members who was worried that one of our sick friends might die during an operation she is supposed to undergo,,I told her I don't fear to lose her to this first death,,I only pray she remains faithful to God until death,,And now this post has reminded me of the abundant peace in Jesus christ,,When We make God's work our business,,God makes our business His business

  5. Great comment came up in Sabbath School in Hamilton, NZ:
    Most of us have multi tipped arrows, home, work, family, social clubs, church. Paul\'s arrows were single-tipped. The message of Christ crucified for the salvation of the world. Hence God performed dramatic miracles to accompany his message


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