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Interceding For Our Persecutors — 5 Comments

  1. Wow, your words are always so eloquent.Before I opened this tonight I prayed for a woman who out of spite puts me to work a register. I have asked not to be put on one because of a wreckI had in April. She does it, because she does not like to run one either. I end up in pain. Anyway, I prayed for her and saw your article.

    • Karen I am sorry you had to go through that and I am praying you feel better soon! I am glad you were able to keep your chin up and pray for this sister. Whenever I feel mistreated I read the chapter "Days of Conflict" in Desire of Ages. It is amazing what Christ endured even as a child.

  2. Hi William - not to sound offensive, though your reasoning regarding forgiveness and blessing sounds like a cost / benefit analysis. What we can do to move the needle is more related to getting 'Self' out of the way so God's Spirit can do the work of healing.
    Because this week's study is about the work of the Holy Spirit, I want to take the opportunity to comment on your post.

    The use of the pronouns I, you, we, they, our, and there might be others, relate the action back to the person(s) involved in the act of 'doing'. This confuses the 'doing' agent with the 'active' agent, which is the Holy Spirit.

    Why, to what end, are we to interceed for our persecutors and enemies? It is to benefit the visibility of the Kingdom of God her on earth and to elevate God's Holy Name. What motivates and empowers us? It is the Holy Spirit expressing itself through us! The fruit of the Holy Spirit is at work. So - I, you, we, us, they, our - has moved over and gave room to the Holy Spirit's power doing its work by using our body; (yes, this also includes the mind). 🙂

    As you, being gifted with telling all these great stories to the eager listeners, it is prudent to make sure that the listener knows exactly who it is that is doing the actual, spiritual work; it's not done by us when engaged in the act of 'doing', but the Holy Spirit by spiritually empowering the act of the doer by moving on the heart of the receiving person.

    The intercessory prayer by itself can do nothing. It has to be blessed/affirmed/augmented by the Holy Spirit. The fervent prayer of the righteous man availing much is so, because he was assessed to be within the Will of God through righteousness. Righteousness has placed him there before he prayed - righteousness is the well-spring of his request and will be blessed by the providence of the Holy Spirit.

    All our efforts to reach the lost and meet the wants of the needy will need to be done with the proper perspective regarding their purpose and goal - to be a faithful citizen of the Kingdom of God and to bring Honor and Glory to its King.

  3. Mr. Earnhardt,

    I look forward to reading your posts. This one moved me beyond words. Thank you and God be with you.


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