This page will be an index to pages of book lists and reviews of books of interest to our readers. Coming in bits and pieces. So check in now and then. We’ll link to the books on  (By the way, anything you purchase through a link on our site will generate a small fee for us, without costing you a penny extra. It’s a win-win.)

1 & 2 Peter Resources
Adventist Pioneer Writings
Creation Science Resources

Here you’ll find links to science resources, including some books, based on the creation model. If you want assurance that Genesis tells the true history of this planet, you will find scientific evidence to support this belief. (No one can prove creation, and no one can prove evolution. The history of this planet is not science but philosophy for which we can find some evidence.)

End-time Resources
Holy Spirit and Spirituality
Mission Adventures

Mission stories old and new. If you have read any of these, please submit a review or comment on the page.

Thoughts on Paul’s Epistles
Sabbath School Lesson Quarterlies

Remember that quarterly you’d like to take another look at? You may be surprised at what quarterlies are still available in Kindle format.

Sabbath and Feast Days
Our Bible Page

(Still under construction.) Includes information about translations and where to buy Bibles in various translations. Includes a page about The New Living Translation Bible, a mix of brief review and links to buy your own copy.

See our Amazon Store Page

You’ll find a list of books recommended to accompany previous lessons.

Looking for Used Book Bargains or rare used books?

Another place to find Christian books or bibles is
And, of course, there’s always the .

If you would like to review some books for other Sabbath School Net visitors, please let us know, through our contact form.

Also see the Kindle books other SSNET visitors have bought and the Paper books other SSNET visitors bought years ago. (We haven’t had time to keep up.)



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  1. I would like to have this first three months of Sabbath School book for me to study.Cause I don't want the lesson of the year 2018;it would be very difficult to complete the year without missing some study. Thanks I will appreciate that.


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