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Tuesday: The Gospel as a Point of Contact — 3 Comments

  1. In my part of the world as is the case in many other parts of the world the church has the golden opportunity of capitalizing on the economic and political challenges that are facing us. People are seeking a better way and that better way is Christ Jesus. No wonder the gosspel is called the GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION. One of the challenge that the church will have though is to help these people understand that the changes they desire may never be seen in this political or economic system but in God's eternal government which He will set up.

  2. The churches today appear to be taking a behind the scene approach to societies ills, economic turmoil, political strife, health challenges (which the secular society has taken over completely), etc. The church is still doing great work however, in disaster relief, food distribution, hospitals. This is what I see in Adventism, but a large number of people have never heard of Adventist, they get their understanding of Jesus, the gospel, and church through these more visible churches, and these churches support all kinds of worldly endeavors, be it entertainment, lifestyles, basically their overall worldview. Like Paul, we as individual disciples of Christ need to become "Street Preachers".


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