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The Purpose of the Church — 2 Comments

  1. Love the article! Makes me contemplate myself and my mission....question is, it's hard to figure out who is ripe and who is not ripe..some fruit we don't think may be ripe, after a little care or concern, their wall may break down and they become ripe. Do we have time to figure that out? Only God knows. I don't have an answer but I will bring this up in a discussion at church. Most people just grab the first person they see and try it that way. I think if your constantly seeking the holy spirit, he will lead you to the people you need to speak to. There will be no starless crowns in heaven so who knows what effect our "socials or potlucks" may have on someone. We'll only know after awhile and by and by. The key is to listen to the holy spirit..he may lead you to a ripe mango, or green one...if it is green, he'll ripen it in his time...we just need to keep on laboring...efficiency is ur point and I can appreciate it..be blessed

  2. I was reading a massage which says: "let us be prepared to meet our soon returning lord". How? Mtt 28v19 is the answer.The mission of the church is to make sure the gospel stretching its territory. Of which we should never forget this


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