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  1. While I agree with the lesson writer saying "the important point is not to judge those who view the matter differently from you", I cannot agree that Paul was saying "do as you please in this matter". For as the writer also notes, "As we have seen all quarter, Paul placed a heavy emphasis on obedience to the law".

    Rather than suggesting Paul was saying "do as you please in this matter", I would propose that Paul advocated each person be "fully convinced in their own mind" (Rm 14:5) with the implication (from Paul's wider writings) that each person take time to consider (under the guidance of the Holy Spirit's enlightenment, discernment and conviction - as per John 16:8, 1 Cor 2:14, etc) what they do and why they do it to see if it promotes or hinders their salvation/restoration (to progressively greater and greater Christlikeness) and the salvation/restoration of others too (as per Rm 14:19).

    Incorporated in this is each person's need to prayerfully study and reflect upon God's Word so that they might rightly understand and apply the guidance and instruction (2 Tim 2:15) that God has provided for us to be active participants in His salvation/restoration of humanity (as per Philippians 3:12-15).

    [PS: I believe it was Paul's awareness of God's salvation as a complete salvation and restoration process that led to Paul's declaration in Rm 1:16 via calling people to live in conformity ('obedience') to the realities that are stated by God and accepted by faith (Rm 1:5)].

  2. Please read "Acts 10:9-16" and let us understand how God wants us to live with each other. He was not literally speaking about meat because Peter and others like him thought that they were clean and the gentiles were unclean. Later on in the lesson Peter understood how to treat people.Cornelius was not a Jew (in this case not a Christian) therefore, still for some of us (like Peter then) unclean but "Act 10:2" said different. Remember God looks at the "Heart".

  3. I know that in Genesis 2, God created a weekly day of Worship. And no one on this planet can change that...Can no human on this planet can create a day. So now it appears that Paul is dealing with ceremonial festival between the Jewish and Non Jewish Christian...Paul is saying take a chill Pill. And remember Sabbath keeping is not a contributing factor for savior. The history book saying we are saved by faith through faith and both are gift from God. If we put Sabbath Keeping in front of the creator,we become legalistic. When we put God first the real truth will follow.


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