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God Uses Love and Tenderness — 4 Comments

  1. TENDERNESS from parents to their children is an essential virtue for keeping the eyes of a child to be eventually focused on Jesus. Perhaps there may be a way for your blog to be released to the “non-blog readers”?

  2. Amen, amen, amen! So well written and so true and I wish so many more parents could read this. But I have also seen it go the other way, in which the parents let the kids get away with so much and the kid cries out for discipline.
    Thank God I had a mother who firmly believed in Solomons advice about the rod and it’s not unto death. Only with her it was the belt or a hot wheel track, and boy did she ever live by it, but as we grew up, we realized that it was from love that she did it. And so yes there is a balance to it all. Thank you for doing what you did for that boy.

    • Richard my sister and I grew up in the Adventist school system. Most of the kids we went to school with are out of the church. I firmly believe the reason my sister and I are still in the church is because our parents were moderate. They did not go to either extreme. They were not too strict or too lenient. When it came to standards, and eating and entertainment they were neither liberal or conservative. They were balanced. I think that is a huge reason why my sister and I have never left the church. We were never exposed to extremism in either direction.


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